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My interest in finance started at a very young age. After 10 years of working in the banking industry, and after years of preparing tax returns for family and friends, I decided to take my business to the next level. When I embarked on my tax journey, it was my hope to learn all things tax-related. Now I help everyone from the college student to the multi-business owner. There is no return too small, or tax situation too large, that I won't be willing to help. Over 90% of my clients are returning clients, and I look forward to adding you to my clientele




Founder & Lead Tax Practitioner

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Hello, I am La’Shundra.  I am owner and operator of Taxes by LaShun under the JBH Financial Services umbrella.  I own several business geared towards providing public services; however, this happens to be my favorite. I work with numbers daily and as an accounting professional, taxes come easy to me.  I have 2 years of professional tax preparation. This does not include all the years of just doing taxes for fun.



Notary Agent


Hi I'm Sasha! I specialize in systems operations, and I joined the JBH team to help improve the data entry components of all that we do. I am excited to help the operations run smoothly, and contribute as much as I can to the team.



Data Entry Specialist

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